2017 Wrap Up

Attendees at a Glance

39% Archivists

7% Curators

1% Filmmakers

8% Historians

2% Other

29% Librarians

14% Students

Here's what people are saying:

“It was wonderful to be able to discuss the paper and work products of a film that comprise an archival collection, not simply the preserved film itself.”

“I enjoyed how varied the panelists’ topics were. It was a pleasure hearing the filmmakers’ panel. I found the conference to be well organized and inspiring. I very much liked the location of the conference.”

“There are so many different and diverse collections and organizations that I wasn’t aware of before the conference. It was comforting to know that we all experience a lot of the same challenges regardless of our size or funding.”

“I was surprised that some of the corporate or national archives had topics that applied to university libraries. For example, the BFI library re-design project. I also gained information about collections, some of it new, or enhancing my current knowledge about a resource, such as lantern.”

“There is a surprisingly large and diverse community of librarians/archivists/information workers dealing with film and moving image adjacent collections and organizations.”

“I’m the only student in my school interested in film and LIS so finding a community was incredible.”

“I learned so much and it was great to see colleagues and learn about so many different projects and institutions. It was nice to feel part of such a resourceful, smart and committed community.”

Moments from the Conference